About Me

The Mosaic came to light after searching for a way to connect my dreams, aspirations, thoughts and interests to the rest of the digital world. As many who seek refuge online, the intention of this blog is to enable likeminded individuals to learn, build and dream with me as we walk together through the journey of life. As I find new ways to shape my world I ask you to join in and follow. Together we can strive for an attainable life that is built on the pillars of fulfillment, knowing and trust.

A little about me, I am a Canadian female who enjoys learning and teaching others through writing and conversations. I hope you will walk with me on this journey to become  “Big on Life.”

I have a young puppy named Bailey who will be 2 years old on January 31. Yes, I know his birthday. I enjoy spending time with him whiny yet loving attitude and disposition. He brings joy and companionship daily.

I have also been in a long term relationship for the last soon-to-be 6 years. Although we have had our ups and downs we remain focused on improving our lives together. Yes it’s been hard at time, but if it wasn’t it would not be worth it.

I hope you enjoy some of my thoughts.